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 Music Theory

The Dolmetsch site has this very comprehensive resource on Music Theory. The extensive guide to musical terminology is easily accessed through a well organised set of links. An excellent feature of this site, is the use of the SCORCH plug-in to see and hear many very useful examples of the topic being explained. 


Music Dictionary Online

Another excellent resource on the Dolmetch site. The Music Dictionary Online is designed to help you understand the more common terms you may meet when reading a musical score or a book on music. In music, foreign words abound and they have provided common translations for them within their pages.

 Composing and Arranging 

A comprehensive online resource for experiencing music. 
"Students or potential students and therefore supporters of serious music may through web-based performance on the Web Concert Hall enjoy a wide range of performances of all kinds that previous to this time would have been totally out of reach to them" (A quote from their About us page.)

A Practical Guide to Composition by Alan Belkin

Alan Belkin's A Practical Guide to Composition is an excellent introduction to this topic. Belkin's aims are to discuss fundamental principles of musical composition in concise, practical terms, and to provide guidance for student composers. Many practical aspects of the craft of composition, especially concerning form, are not often discussed in ways useful to an apprentice composer; that is to say, ways that help to solve common problems. Thus, this will not be a "theory" text, nor an analysis treatise, but rather a guide to some of the basic tools of the trade.

Artistic Orchestration by Alan Belkin 

Alan Belkin's Artistic Orchestration is a wonderful introduction to this fascinating topic.

 Music Technology

These notes on Music Technology were originally written as handouts for students on examination courses at a further education college in England.



This is another valuable resource from the Dolmetsch site. Biographical information on an extensive list of composers is organised in A - Z groupings by the composers' surnames. To find information about a particular name go to the section for the starting letter. So, for Albinoni, which begins with a letter a, go to section A. For Czerny, which begins with a letter c, go to section C.


Christian Praise and Worship



Scott Joplin  (Ragtime)

Music History 102 - a Guide to Western Composers and their Music
from the Middle Ages to the Present


Film / TV

Film / TV composers

Henry Mancini

Bernard Herrmann

Michael Nyman




Philip Glass

Steve Reich




Pop / Rock


 Music Education


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